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Nick Stroboulis of Tampa Explains How Bail Bonds Work

Getting stuck in jail can be seriously stressful. Whether you did or didn’t commit a crime, there are lots of complications that can happen once you’re in prison. Fortunately, Nick Stroboulis of Tampa has helped countless people when it comes to receiving bail bonds whenever they get stuck in jail. However, Nick Stroboulis has also run into a lot of people that do not know how bail bonds work. Though the process can be relatively confusing, Nick Stroboulis of Tampa is here to clear a few things up about the process so you can be prepared if you end up going to jail.

Nick Stroboulis TampaHowever, it is important that we explain just who Nick Stroboulis of Tampa and why is he so important. Nick Stroboulis is a successful businessman who owns several businesses, including Main Street Bonds and the New Jersey Fugitive Recovery Group. Nick Stroboulis has seen people from all walks of life who have been incarcerated once or multiple times. Unfortunately, getting incarcerated can put a serious strain on your life. You will miss work, not be able to see your family, and worse your health could suffer from being locked up. This is why Nick Stroboulis of Tampa has dedicated his life to providing people with the resources that they need to get out of jail in a timely manner.

This is why Nick Stroboulis of Tampa provides reliable bail bond services for people in his area. Bail bonds are given to the county to get you out of jail. Almost every person who goes to jail is given a bail amount. Oftentimes, this bail amount can range anywhere from $1,000 or much higher depending on the situation or crime. This is where Nick Stroboulis steps in. He provides the individual with a bail bond that gets them out of jail immediately. However, the individual will need to come up with the funds to pay back the bail bond provider. Sometimes, the bail bond provider will take assets as a security deposit to ensure that their clients pay what is owed to them and that they will actually show up in court.

Nick Stroboulis of Tampa has dealt with people who have tried to take advantage of him in the past and has needed a security deposit in the form of assets. These are simply for safekeeping and to ensure the client will eventually pay back what has been lent to them. Nick Stroboulis recommends that you find a bail bond agent that you can trust if you feel as if you are going to be going to jail soon. This way you know that you have someone who will fight for you that you trust whenever you get arrested.

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Nick Stroboulis of Tampa Shares How to Find a Reliable and Reputable Bondsman

As someone who used to own a bail bond company, Main Street Bail Bonds, Nick Stroboulis knows the importance of finding a reliable bail bond agent. While he left behind the bail bond industry, Nick Stroboulis of Tampa shares his secrets for finding a reputable bail bond agent.

Get Recommendations from a Detention Officer According to Nick Stroboulis of Tampa

Nick Stroboulis TampaNick Stroboulis says detention officers are an excellent resource for bail bond companies. Chances are they have built relationships with bail bonds agents after working with them for years. Once the judge sets a bail amount, the court often provides a list of companies. It’s an excellent idea to ask a detention officer to point to the best ones.

Find out the Bail Amount
According to Nick Stroboulis of Tampa, the bail amount will have a significant impact on the bail bond agent they choose. It can be tricky to set out to find a bail bond agent without knowing the bail amount. Depending on the bail amount, the court will make recommendations for a bail bond agent.

Ask a Lawyer
Lawyers can recommend to their clients a reliable bail bondsman they worked with in the past. Nick Stroboulis mentions that defense attorneys and bail bonds companies often build great relationships. Defendants looking for a reputable bond dealer should start by asking their lawyers.

Perform  Online Research Recommends Nick Stroboulis

If the above resources are not available, the internet can offer great suggestions for bail bond agents. While it can get tricky to sort through the results, an online search will also give them access to plenty of reviews. While most people should take online reviews with a grain of salt, Nick Stroboulis recommends everyone reads online reviews about the bail bonds companies they’re interested in.

Learn How Bail Bond Agents Get Paid
Nick Stroboulis of Tampa recommends defendants learn bail bond agent’s fees upfront. In some states, the fees are usually 10 percent, but it can vary from state to state. Those looking for a reputable bail bondsman should be aware of those charging low fees. If they want to charge anything below 5 percent, the person should reconsider their services.

Nick Stroboulis moved from Greece to the United States with his family at the age of three and settled in New York. He is an exemplary example of the American dream.

Throughout his career, Nick Stroboulis worked for American Express Co., Airlines Reporting Corp, and Arpol Travel Agency. Before diving into the commercial cleaning industry, Nick Stroboulis of Tampa owned Main Street Street Bail Bonds and New Jersey Fugitive Recovery Group. He lives in Davenport, FL with his family.

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Nick Stroboulis Shares the Difference Between Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning Services

Nick Stroboulis is the owner of Bella’s Cleaning Service Inc., a commercial cleaning service operating in Davenport, FL. For his clients, it’s vital to have clean and organized facilities to maintain the reputation of their business, the safety of employees, and the satisfaction of their clients. When it comes to commercial cleaning services, business owners have the option between janitorial services and commercial cleaning services. It’s easy to merge the two services since they overlap in some way. Nick Stroboulis offers a breakdown of the two services.

Main Difference Between Janitorial and Commercial Services
For the most part, commercial facilities require minimal everyday cleaning tasks and larger cleaning tasks that are only needed a few times a year. For example, a janitorial service will take care of vacuuming the office carpet, but they will not shampoo and deep clean the carpet.

Janitorial Services
Offices, retail facilities, and other commercial buildings often require janitorial services to help them with every day cleaning tasks, according to Nick Stroboulis. These daily cleaning tasks ensure the place is in top shape to make the space more comfortable for clients and employees. Some companies hire janitorial services to tend to their facilities on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis, depending on the needs of the business. Overall, janitorial services help with restroom cleaning, dusting, trash, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and cleaning common areas.

Commercial Cleaning Services
According to Nick Stroboulis, some commercial cleaning services specialize in larger cleaning jobs. Business owners hire a commercial cleaner that specializes in specific cleaning tasks that only need to get done a few times a year. For example, janitorial services don’t have the equipment to deep clean carpets. Commercial cleaning companies specialize in power washing, window washing, hard surface deep cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, furniture and upholstery, and carpet cleaning.

Before deciding what kinds of commercial services their business needs, management should take into consideration their facilities. Freestanding buildings will require more maintenance than an office.

Nick Stroboulis moved from Greece to the United States with his family at the age of three and settled in New York. He is an exemplary example of the American dream. Throughout his career. Nick Stroboulis worked for American Express Co., Airlines Reporting Corp, and Arpol Travel Agency. Before diving into the commercial cleaning industry, Nick Stroboulis owned Main Street Street Bail Bonds and New Jersey Fugitive Recovery Group. He lives in Davenport, FL with his family.

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Is It Time to Find a Commercial Cleaning Service? Nick Stroboulis Shares Tips

As the owner of Bella’s Cleaning Service, Inc., Nick Stroboulis ensures all of his commercial clients have the best cleaning services available. All commercial clients want their offices and facilities to look their best for their customers. Nick Stroboulis shares how to find the best cleaning services when it’s time to spruce up the space.Nick Stroboulis

The Type of Services They Offer
Before hiring a professional commercial cleaner, it’s essential to learn what services they have available. Not all commercial clients have the same needs. While some clients want help with everyday cleaning, others wish to have weekly or seasonal cleaning. Nick Stroboulis recommends getting in touch to find out about their services.

Do They Offer Satisfaction Guaranteed?
Nick Stroboulis mentions all reputable commercial cleaning services offer satisfaction guaranteed. When vetting a commercial cleaning service, it’s crucial to learn if they have a satisfaction guaranteed policy. For the most part, commercial cleaners who value their customers willing to offer a guaranteed satisfaction policy.

Cleaning Supplies
Nick Stroboulis recommends that customers ask about the types of cleaning supplies commercial cleaning services use. Some companies focus on using more environmentally friendly supplies, while others use more cost-friendly products. Some clients prefer to use their cleaning supplies. Whatever decision they want to make as far as cleaning products, they should find out in advance.

Word of Mouth
One of the best ways to find a reputable cleaning service is by word of mouth. Many cleaning companies build their reputation and grow their client base thanks to word of mouth, according to Nick Stroboulis. Direct recommendations from other businesses, friends, or family is a great way to ask questions. It’s one of the best ways to learn about what they liked or disliked.

Read Online Reviews
Reading online reviews is an excellent way to find out what people have to say about a business. However, Nick Stroboulis also recommends people take online reviews with a grain of salt. It’s a known fact that unhappy customers tend to leave reviews more than happy ones. Before they make up their mind about a cleaning service, customers should read through all of the reviews. If there are a lot of negative reviews, they should consider this a pattern.

Nick Stroboulis has owned many businesses over the years. Before starting his commercial cleaning business, he owned Main Street Bail Bonds and New Jersey Fugitive Recovery Group. Nick also worked for companies such as American Express Co., Airlines Reporting Corp, and Arpol Travel Agency.

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Is It Time to Hire a Professional Commercial Cleaner? Nick Stroboulis Shares the Clues

Nick Stroboulis

Nick Stroboulis, the owner of Bella’s Cleaning Service, Inc., knows a lot about owning a business and making a great impression on customers. Before he became the owner of Bella’s Cleaning Service, Inc., he owned several companies. For businesses that want to know when it’s time to hire a commercial cleaning service, Nick Stroboulis shares some tips.

Everyone Can See the Dirt
According to Nick Strouboulis mentions when people can see visible dirt in an office, it’s time to hire a professional cleaner. Dirt and clutter can get build up behind filing cabinets, desks, furniture, and equipment. If they move a piece of furniture and dust bunnies fly, then it’s time to call a cleaning service. The last thing a company wants is for their customers to see dirt and grime when they walk in the door.

Employees Get Sick Says Nick Stroboulis

If employees are getting sick all the time with the flu, allergies, and others, it could be due to the environment. A dirty and grimy environment could be an incubator for harmful bacteria to circulate the office. Nick Strouboulis mentions that viruses and other bacteria latch on to handles, doorknobs, telephones, printers, copy machines, and others. By cleaning the office professionally, businesses can avoid their employees getting sick always.

Productivity Decreases

When a cluttered and dirty environment surrounds employees, they will have a more difficult time concentrating on their work. According to Nick Stroboulis, the last thing employees want to do is complete a task while their allergies are acting up. Asking employees to clean common areas is also not a great option. Cleaning the office can keep employees from focusing on their tasks. Having a professional clean, the office will give employees peace of mind and help them focus on their job.

Overall Frustration and Low Morale

According to Nick Stroboulis, when employees are frustrated, they don’t work as productively as they should. If employees don’t think the office is clean, or they feel it’s not their job to maintain the office, they will get frustrated. Companies with frustrated employees than to have a higher turnover. Making the office a clean environment can have a positive impact on the morale of employees.

Nick Stroboulis | Visitors Are Not Impressed

When visitors complain about the cleanliness of the facilities, it doesn’t leave a good impression. Hiring a professional cleaning service will ensure all visitors are impressed by the facilities. Visitors who leave a dirty office often spread the word or don’t recommend the services.

Nick Stroboulis was born in Greece and moved to New York at the age of 3. He currently lives in Florida with his wife and three children.